this is life.

The name is Amy. I'm from Canada. 20 years old. Different life situations inspire me to write. Passion for singing. Outgoing, enthusiastic, loving, generous. Life will never be perfect or easy, and will always have its struggles. It all depends on how you live it. This is life!
music is what gets me through everything.

music is what gets me through everything.


who am i kidding… i have no clue how to work tumblr. hahha

what life is worth

life has so many stories,

so many adventures and mysteries,

many cheerful and happy times,

and many struggles and hard times.

one life could have many scenarios.

it all depends on what you make of yourself,

and how you portray yourself as an individual.

life isn’t measured by how popular you are,

or how much recognition you get from people,

but by doing kind things without even questioning it,

putting smiles on peoples faces,

and mainly, pushing yourself to the best of your ability.

reaching for the stars and setting goals.

anyone can make a difference in this world.

don’t be like everyone else and just follow what others do,

but stand out as a unique individual.

make memories that will last a lifetime.

because life is worth so much.

semi blonde hair. sooon to be all blonde!

semi blonde hair. sooon to be all blonde!